The process to separate and make everything official broken down from start to finish.  


A step-by-step, plain English handbook providing clarity, direction, hope and confidence in moving forward to separate amicably.


The A.M.I.C.A.B.L.E Method


Discover the AMICABLE method to help you and your partner work through the emotional and practical aspects of separating. 

Written by an experienced, collaboratively trained family lawyer, this handbook includes practical exercises and checklists for you to complete and truly help you get momentum. 



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Understanding. Clarity. Direction. Hope.


Ending a relationship is hard enough.

To then have to worry about navigating a formal legal process is stressful and overwhelming.

But what’s involved to make your separation official, including any agreements, can be relatively simple and straightforward.

Splitting Up Together is the starting point for anyone separating or thinking about it.

This plain English, common sense, practical how-to guide breaks down legal concepts and the formal steps so you have an awareness, understanding, clarity, direction, and insight into how you can separate amicably.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Points to consider when deciding to separate and your options in working on the relationship
  • An understanding of the common mistakes people make when separating and how to avoid them
  • Awareness of the guiding legal principles informing appropriate financial, parenting, child support, and maintenance outcomes
  • A plan for reaching an agreement with your partner, without lawyers, following The AMICABLE Method.

And more.

This handbook will leave you feeling inspired and relieved that there’s a way forward for you to separate together with your partner, not apart.  

Detailed, entertaining and thoughtful. Get this before it gets crazy and calmly get through your separation.

- Diana

Splitting Up Together is a great resource for separated couples. It provides a plain English overview of legal processes and concrete practical steps to follow to get an agreement about parenting arrangements and financial settlement. Siobhan’s emphasis on working together to reach agreement is gold. 

- Renee

Partner not talking to you? Thinking about separating? Fear conflict and lawyers?

This book is for you.

Books are conversation starters. 

Living in a digital age means we’re overloaded with information that we’re forced to sift through to find what we need, compounding feelings of stress and overwhelm. 

A book, being a physical, tactile thing, gives a reader the ability to write all over it, flip through, pick up and put down when they please, and, importantly, share with a partner when they’re finished reading itThis helps alleviate the stress and anxiety you experience when separating. 

A book doesn’t hide – there is no out of sight out of mind. 

If your partner isn’t prepared to talk to you about moving forward with the separation, you’re struggling with your decision to stay or leave, or you simply want some clarity about the process, Splitting Up Together is for you.

The Guys’ Guide to Separation And Divorce  is another resource that can help you start the conversation to move forward with your separation. The content is for both men and women. Find out more by clicking here.

Easy flip through read

Practical guidance and insights

Exercises and checklists

Large text 

Plain English 

Average reading time ~2 hours


SIOBHAN MULLINS is the founder of Separate Together, an award-winning family law firm best known for making the complexity and anxiety of separating simple and easy so that couples can achieve the very best outcomes for them and their family.

Siobhan is an award-winning, collaboratively trained family lawyer with 9+ years of private practice experience.

Bestseller, Splitting Up Together: The How-to Handbook for an AMICABLE Divorce, is Siobhan’s first book. Siobhan has recently launched The Guys’ Guide to Separation And Divorce, which is another bestseller.  

This book is full of useful tips and advice but is still an easy read – it took me less than 3 hours on a plane trip and as a Clinical Psychologist, I wish I had this book in my repertoire years ago.

I am pretty well resourced but Splitting Up Together specifically explains strategies to respectfully separate from a partner in a timely manner within the Australian legal framework. The author provides a good explanation of legal obligations for property settlement and parenting plans addressing many issues that you might not think about – such as agreement about what will happen if one partner dies before children turn 18yo.

It includes information about what to consider prior to separation to avoid being blindsided, risks and benefits of different options as well as advice on unexpected consequences of some decisions. There is also sensitive and realistic advice on managing partners who are uncooperative or may not be trustworthy.